Anurag Singh


Director (Marketing Guru)

He conceptualizes sales and marketing plans in the Company. Being an MBA in Marketing, he formulates entire marketing strategies from pricing structures to promotional activities. His continuous contributions in marketing and sales information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews help the company to achieve operational objectives.

He is a workaholic and self motivated man, plans all the expansion activities of the company. He likes to read Ayurveda and Homeopathy in his free time, and is a Bio-Chemic tissue salts consultant.

Ishan Garg


Director (Finance Head)

He manages all the organizational cash flow. Being an MBA in Finance, he leads the financial planning and annual budgeting. He is solely responsible for presenting business plans and forecasting in all expansion and project financing activities. Coordinates the annual auditing and reporting process with the external auditors.

His compilation of key business metrics and financial forecasting helps the company to pull in investors in the expansion process. He is an amateur blogger and likes to write in his leisure time.

Chirag Choudhary


CEO (Retail)

He leads the development and execution activities of the company. He is an MBA in Retail Management that makes him perfect for the retail head of the company too. He ensures the Company is appropriately organized and staffed and has the authority to hire and terminate staff as necessary to enable it to achieve the approved strategy.

His creative ideas and selection in the fabric helps the company to come up with the unique designs as well. He is an intense music lover and likes to listen to EDM in his leisure time.